OTEC · 凤凰云招聘Introduction

“凤凰云招聘”作为 OTEC 2020 系列活动之一,以“突出国际化特色、推进人才与产业融合”为目标,保证新冠疫情下朝阳区企事业单位对人才的需求,聚焦前沿科技领域与协同创新,重点关注企业对数据人才、留学生及外籍人才的招聘需求。招聘活动自2020年6月开始,将一直持续至10月,委托专业招聘机构进行策划、执行,精准服务招聘单位的人才引进需求,通过200多所高校就业网以及社会媒体进行大规模宣传,期间还将安排企业线上宣讲会等活动。

As one of OTEC 2020 events, "Phoenix Cloud Recruitment" aims to guarantee the needs for talents for enterprises and institutions in Chaoyang District in the COVID-19 situation, in the goal of “highlighting international features and promotion integration of talents and industries”, focusing on cutting edge science and technologies and collaborative innovation, especially the recruitment needs of enterprises for data talents, overseas Chinese students and foreign talents. Recruitment program starts from June through October 2020, entrusting professional recruitment agencies to plan, execute and provide precise service for talent introduction needs of employers. There will also be large-scale promotion through over 200 college employment websites and social media, in addition to other arrangements such as online career talk by enterprises.


The recruitment program is co-organized by Chaoyang District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Chaoyang District High Level Talent Service Center, and joined by several government departments of Chaoyang District. This event is sponsored with strong support by Chaoyang District Human Resource Service Promotion Association and Chaoyang District Talent Consulting Service Organization Association provided strong support.